St. Louis Circuit Court Legal Encoding Project
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About Encoding and Terminology

XML Schema
View and edit the XML schema used to encode the Circuit Court cases via github.

This schema includes one deliverable of the project, the development of legal extensions to the TEI. The new legal encoding standard has three essential parts. First, the <caseDesc> is a new section in the teiCorpus header made up of elements and attributes that describe a distinct case. There is also the <legalDocDesc>, a section in the TEI header, that contains information relative to each individual document within a particular case. Finally, there are two new elements and attributes found in the body of the documents. The legalFunction attribute denotes the legal function of a particular section in a document as it changes from section to section. The <starP> element signifies star pagination, a legal publishing practice designed to distinguish between the paginations of legal material that appears in multiple versions.

Legal Terminology
If you are unfamiliar with the terminology used in these documents, view the glossary of legal terms.