St. Louis Circuit Court Legal Encoding Project
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Dynamic graph showing relationships between parties in the St. Louis Circuit Court cases

people/orgPeople and companies are circles (pink=female, blue=male, gray=unknown, green=company)
court casesCourt cases are squares
court casesRed lines mark an ownership relationship between people
court casesGreen lines mark other relationships between people (and our one company)
court casesBlue lines mark the roles people played in cases
court casesMouseover squares and circles to get the name of the person or case

Features: Click on a square to view the transcript of that court case
Click on a circle to simplify graph to show just that circle's connects
Click on the circle again (or on another circle) to see the original, complicated graph

Note: This graph represents approximately 100 parties involved in the court cases and is not a complete representation. More to be added.
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