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St. Louis Exposition : march / by John E. All.
St. Louis Exposition : waltzes / by Lawrence Anderson, composer of Nautical Girl March.
World's Fair (Louisiana Purchase Exposition) : march & two-step / for piano by Walter H. Arnold.
Down the Pike : marche cosmopolitaine / by Rudolph Aronson, composer of the famous "Sweet sixteen waltz" & "For love or war march".
Festival Hall : waltzes / by Glenn Ashleigh, composer of Oneonta.
1904 : two step intermezzo / by Otto Auerbach, composer of "Buffalo glide" etc etc.
The Pike : polka-two-step / by E. Becucci.
Strolling 'long the pike / words by Felix F. Feist ; music by Harry Bennett.
Eliza Simpkins : daughter of Uncle Cief where the dance was held at / by Theron C. Bennett, composer of "Satisfied".
She was from Missouri : a tale of the Pike / words and music by Theron C. Bennett.
St. Louis tickle : rag time two-step / by Barney & Seymore.
Louisiana Purchase Exposition march / by Al Brown ; [arr. by G.W. Ashleigh].
The directors march / by Fred Brownold.
Hike to the Pike : intermezzo / composed by Ed. B. Claypoole.
La cascade : impromptu / Louis Conrath.
St. Louis World's Fair march / composed by Mrs. A. L. De Arman.
Official World's Fair march / by J. Fred De Berry.
Salute to St. Louis : march two-step / [M. della Rovere].
St. Louis' welcome : march-song for solo or duet / music by Adolph Edgren ; words by Sallie M.A. Black.
Mr. Dike from Pike : a World's Fair oddity / by Eugene Ellsworth.
Up and down the pike : a march-two step / by Raphael Fassett.
1904 World's Fair : march / composed by Walter A. Gaulke.
Along the Plaza : waltzes / by Henry K. Hadley.
Down on the Gasconade / book by Hiram W. Hayes ; music by Wm. John Hall ; Anton Heindl.
St. Louis World's Fair march / composed by Wilhelm E. Hauff.
A night on the Pike : march and two-step / by Otto and John Heinzman.
The hostess waltzes / Wm. F. Hoffman.
The cascades : a rag / the master piece of Scott Joplin.
Sounds from St. Louis : waltzes / by Charles A. Kellogg.
The ivory city : waltzes / by Wallie Langerfeld.
Louisiana Purchase? / words by Mattie Josephine Atkins, composer of the words of the songs: Mother's love, Unfailing, The land of bye-lo-bye, At the end of the lane, Don't you tell, etc. ; music by Alfred Lorando.
Louisiana Purchase Exposition : march / composed by F.H. Losey.
Piking the Pike : souvenir / words by C.N. Alden ; music by Burton McKay.
Meet me in St. Louis, Louis / words by Andrew B. Sterling ; music by Kerry Mills.
A deed of the pen : march- two-step / by the composer of "Hiawatha".
"New St. Louis", or, The Louisiana Purchase Exposition : march and two step / by Bert Morgan.
Consuelo : two-step intermezzo / by Alec. Ramble.
Liberal arts souvenir march / [R. Renucci].
St. Louis Exposition : march & two-step / by Fred L. Ryder.
Louisiana waltzes : St. Louis Exposition / composed by Fred L. Ryder.
Louisiana waltzes : St. Louis Exposition / composed by Fred L. Ryder.
The St. Louis rag : instrumental novelty for piano / by Tom Turpin.
Louisiana march / by Frank Van der Stücken.
Strolling on the Pike : song / by G.G. Zarn.
Strolling on the Pike : song / [words & music by Geo. G. Zarn].