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Good digital projects are based on standards (where established) and best practices (where standards have not yet been established) or as an application of a standard in a workflow.

They are necessary for a number of reasons:

  • • the use of standards allows for interoperability with other data
  • • most accepted standards, whether for a file format or metadata, are open, in contrast to proprietary formats and standards which can "hold data hostage," assuring continued access to a resource
  • • the consistent application of standards and best practices in digital projects enhances the efficient management of digital assets, making development more cost-effective, and improving access

Adherence to minimal standards (with respect to file format, metadata and other criteria) is also necessary for a digital project created at Washington University to be included in the digital library. The purpose of establishing base criteria is both to increase functionality in and assure a baseline of quality in the materials in the digital library, and to promote use of these standards in all digital projects undertaken in the University community.

Recommended metadata standards

Recommended digital imaging standards

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