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Metadata Standards
Additional sources of information on XML and accepted metadata standards.

XML - Extensible Markup Language

XML in 10 Points
A concise introduction to XML, that was developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Gentle Introduction to XML
A more detailed introduction to XML, that was developed by the Text Encoding Initiative Consortium.

General Metadata Standards

Gentle Introduction to Metadata
A basic introduction to metadata and its purpose in libraries and archives that was developed by Jeff Good at the University of California, Berkeley.

TEI - Text Encoding Initiative
The TEI schema is used primarily for encoding metadata for texts.

EAD - Encoded Archival Description
The EAD schema is principally used for encoding Finding Aids.

METS - Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard
The METS schema is used for encoding metadata for a variety of digital objects.

MODS - Metadata Object Description Schema
The MODS schema is used for encoding metadata for a variety of digital objects, in addition to selected bibliographic elements of MARC 21 records.

MADS - Metadata Authority Description Schema
The MADS schema is used in conjunction with MODS, as a name authority record set for people, organizations, events, and key terms.

The MARCXML schema provides an XML framework for MARC bibliographic data.

DCMI - Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
The DCMI schema is used for encoding metadata for a broad range of digital objects.

CDWA - Categories for the Description of Works of Art
The CDWA schema is used for describing works of art and culture-based materials.

VRA Core 4.0 - Visual Resources Association
The VRA Core 3.0 schema is used for encoding metadata for visual works of culture and digital images.

EXIF image metadata
EXIF is an industry standard for metadata created along with images, used by most digital cameras and scanners. The link above is to an unofficial site.

MIX - NISO Metadata for Images in XML
Still in a draft stage, MIX is a schema for encoding technical metadata for digital images.

PREMIS - Preservation Metadata Maintenance Activity
The PREMIS schema is used to support and document the preservation process for digital materials.

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